Thank you for your submissions – Top 50 Covers List is closed!
Use this form below to submit your Top 50 Covers List to us. Also, for ease of list making, your songs should be ranked as 10 tiers (or groups) of 5. We will be assigning point values to the groups of five, instead of each individual song. So, if you’re struggling with where a song belongs on your list, it will make more of an impact to place it at 5 versus 6, but the same points will apply to songs 1-5 (and 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, and so on). Confused? Then just rank them 1-50, and leave the points to us!

1. You have to include exactly 50 songs on your list
2. You have to rank them from 1 to 50

Pretty easy, huh? We know, how exciting!! *super big smiles*

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