Tori Songs began in late 2011. We wanted to create a meaningful tribute that embraced the size and scope of Tori’s body of work. Knowing that we’re not alone in curiosity, or love, we set out to collect 57 “top 50” lists. The composite of those 57 lists was the most comprehensive survey of Tori’s greatest songs to date …. until the fall of 2014.

Tori Songs embarked on our biggest project yet during the 2014 Unrepentant Tour. Her listeners again decided which of her songs are the best. En masse, voters used discussion threads and forums, shared stories, videos and information, made snap lists and polls, and considered their criteria for what a #1 song means. We received a total of 163 submitted list from Ears with Feet across the globe, and are truly humbled by the support, interaction, love and fun that was had.

Peruse the other user-created lists below.

+ 50 Tori Songs: Hunter’s Edition, 2011
+ 25 Cover Songs, 2012
+ 40 B-sides, Rarities and Treasures: A Timeline, 2012
+ The Albums: ’20 Years of Tori’ Commemorative, 2012
+ 25 Pretty Good Songs (Worst Songs), 2013
+ 50 Tori Songs: Unrepentant Edition, 2014
+ 50 Cover Songs, 2016
+ 100 Tori Songs, Native Edition, 2018

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